Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Emergency Board-Up's for Commercial Structures - Salem, Oregon.

SERVPRO of Salem West sprung into action when a emergency board-up was needed for a busy coffee chain in Salem, OR.

Commercial Water Damage - Salem, OR

Building Preparedness is a key part of any business continuity plan. Do you have one in place? Do you want to get one started? Then reach out to SERVPRO of Sale... READ MORE

Commercial Building Water Damage - Salem Oregon

Building Owners, Property Managers and Commercial Real Estate agents rely on SERVPRO of Salem West to clean up water damage and provide structural drying. Locat... READ MORE

Broken Window Board-Up Salem Center Mall - Salem, OR

Salem Center Mall had a broken skybridge window. When mall management was notified about the broken glass, they took immediate action to have it temporarily sec... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss - Dallas, Oregon

Commercial properties are susceptible to water damage too. We take pride in being able to assist clients in various industries across the board. This senior car... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning - Salem, Oregon

Why Clean Air Ducts? Answer: Because they get dirty! In addition to normal accumulations of dust and dirt found in all homes with air ducts, there are several o... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss - Salem, Oregon

A water line burst in the attic that affected two floors. SERVPRO of Salem West provided stabilization, extraction and interior demo of affected areas. Prior to... READ MORE