Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Moldy Wall Discovered Behind Furniture - West Salem, OR

This house in West Salem, Oregon shows an example of how mold can grow in damp dark spaces, yes behind furniture. This mold growth occurred due to moisture in t... READ MORE

Mold In Bathroom - Salem, OR

In this Salem, Oregon home a leaking pipe caused water damage and mold growth in the bathroom and in other parts of the home. A small leak can cause a big probl... READ MORE

Attic Mold Growth - Independence, Oregon

What is needed for mold growth? Mold is an active living organism. Like many living things it only requires a few things to grow. Do you know what they are? Foo... READ MORE

Attic Mold - Salem, Oregon

When you find mold in your attic, what should you do? Mold can grow in most environments, from the hot desert to a cold refrigerator. Think of the food in your ... READ MORE

When Mold Strikes Your Home - Keizer, OR

Where can you find mold? When identifying mold issues, you don't need to be a scientist. You only need to answer a few questions. Is there a moisture issue? Is ... READ MORE

Containing Mold - Keizer, Oregon

Occupant & Work Safety is the most important thing when performing mold clean-up and abatement in Keizer, Oregon. SERVPRO of Salem West uses containment cha... READ MORE

Hidden Mold - Keizer, Oregon

Kitchen mold found behind the cabinets in Keizer, Oregon. In the event of water damage to your home or business, be certain to hire qualified companies like SER... READ MORE

Mold Cleaning - Salem, Oregon

Regular home maintenance can help reduce the possibility of mold growth. SERVPRO of Salem West was called in to provide mold remediation behind the brick firepl... READ MORE