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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Loss - Salem, Oregon

A water line burst in the attic that affected two floors. SERVPRO of Salem West provided stabilization, extraction and interior demo of affected areas. Prior to... READ MORE

Duct Cleaning - Salem, Oregon

Why Clean Air Ducts? Answer: Because they get dirty! In addition to normal accumulations of dust and dirt found in all homes with air ducts, there are several o... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss - Dallas, Oregon

Commercial properties are susceptible to water damage too. We take pride in being able to assist clients in various industries across the board. This senior car... READ MORE

Broken Window Board-Up Salem Center Mall - Salem, OR

Salem Center Mall had a broken skybridge window. When mall management was notified about the broken glass, they took immediate action to have it temporarily sec... READ MORE

Commercial Building Water Damage - Salem Oregon

Building Owners, Property Managers and Commercial Real Estate agents rely on SERVPRO of Salem West to clean up water damage and provide structural drying. Locat... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Salem, OR

Building Preparedness is a key part of any business continuity plan. Do you have one in place? Do you want to get one started? Then reach out to SERVPRO of Sale... READ MORE

Hotel Fire - Lincoln City, OR

The Rodeway Inn Hotel located in Lincoln City, Oregon experienced a fire that affected 16 rooms in the hotel. SERVPRO of Salem West worked diligently to get mit... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Salem, Oregon

Fire damage can happen at anytime, day or night. When your personal items are damaged due to smoke, water or extreme heat it is important to get professionals i... READ MORE

Dryer Vent Fire - Salem, Oregon

Dryer vent fires cause millions of dollars in damages every year while being something that most people have the ability to prevent. Lint builds up over time an... READ MORE

House Fire - Turner. OR.

Fires can strike at anytime! Your safety is the most important thing to remember in any structure fire. Get out of the house as your safety trumps everything! D... READ MORE

When To Repair Fire Damaged Electronics? - Marion County, OR

How do we decide which electronics to repair or discard? This topic comes up on our projects that have electronics damaged by fire. SERVPRO of Salem West, locat... READ MORE

Commercial Building Fire Damage - Salem, OR

What's in your Business Continuity Plan? Did you know a high percentage of business that experience and fire or flood damage in Salem, Oregon and across the cou... READ MORE

Kitchen Stove-Top Fire - Dallas, Oregon

"It's just a small fire, I don't see a lot of damage"Although that statement may be true, did you know that soot damage can be costly too? In a number of stove ... READ MORE

Mold Cleaning - Salem, Oregon

Regular home maintenance can help reduce the possibility of mold growth. SERVPRO of Salem West was called in to provide mold remediation behind the brick firepl... READ MORE

Hidden Mold - Keizer, Oregon

Kitchen mold found behind the cabinets in Keizer, Oregon. In the event of water damage to your home or business, be certain to hire qualified companies like SER... READ MORE

Containing Mold - Keizer, Oregon

Occupant & Work Safety is the most important thing when performing mold clean-up and abatement in Keizer, Oregon. SERVPRO of Salem West uses containment cha... READ MORE

When Mold Strikes Your Home - Keizer, OR

Where can you find mold? When identifying mold issues, you don't need to be a scientist. You only need to answer a few questions. Is there a moisture issue? Is ... READ MORE

Attic Mold - Salem, Oregon

When you find mold in your attic, what should you do? Mold can grow in most environments, from the hot desert to a cold refrigerator. Think of the food in your ... READ MORE

Attic Mold Growth - Independence, Oregon

What is needed for mold growth? Mold is an active living organism. Like many living things it only requires a few things to grow. Do you know what they are? Foo... READ MORE

Crawl Space Clean Out - Keizer, Oregon

When the sewer fails under the house it can cause obnoxious odors to penetrate into the living area. SERVPRO of Salem West was called in to clean out a crawl sp... READ MORE

Flooded Bathroom - Dallas, Oregon

What to do when you experience water damage in your Dallas, Oregon home. When you experience a water damage in your home, take two steps immediately to mitigate... READ MORE

Burst Sewer Line - Stayton, Oregon

How do you know if your sewer lines have burst in the crawl space? Due to the location of the sewer line, mainly within the crawlspace, it is not until you smel... READ MORE

Upstairs Tub Water Line Leak - Keizer, Oregon

What are the signs of a slow leaking water line? Sometimes a slow leaking water line or a pinhole leak can create as costly a repair as a gushing water line and... READ MORE

Water Damaged Shower Stall - Salem, Oregon

Can you experience water damage in your shower stall? The answer is yes and here's why. Shower stalls are constructed out of various building materials from pre... READ MORE

Hardwood Flooring Damaged - Stayton, Oregon

When hardwood floors are damaged by burst water lines do these three things now! Time is of the essence when your hardwood floors have sustained water damage du... READ MORE

A Major Storm In Our Area Is Uncommon - Salem, OR.

A major storm struck a small community in North Dakota and our Salem, Oregon team responded to the call! During a massive community-wide disastrous event, we ar... READ MORE

Storms Cause Major Flooding and Leave Piles of Dirt - Minot, ND

How much debris is left behind after large community storm and flood? Would you have guessed that floods caused by storms can leave behind dirt that when pushed... READ MORE

When The Road Is Flooded Turn Back - Salem, OR.

Do Not Drive Through Flood Waters! Your safety is of the utmost importance. Should you see flood waters crest over the road, refrain from driving through it. E... READ MORE

Furniture & Wood Floors Ruined By Flood Waters - Marion County, OR.

Should you keep your furniture that has been damaged by flood waters during a storm? We do not recommend keeping furniture that has been damaged by flood water.... READ MORE

Major Storm Damages Home & Items Within It - Keizer, OR.

Residents of Keizer, Oregon have experienced major flooding that has caused thousands upon thousands of dollars in lost items. Although major floods in Keizer, ... READ MORE

Burst Water Pipe - Salem, OR.

This home in Salem, Oregon experienced a burst water pipe that caused water damage in 3 main rooms. The first step was to shut off the water to stop the floodin... READ MORE

Mold In Bathroom - Salem, OR

In this Salem, Oregon home a leaking pipe caused water damage and mold growth in the bathroom and in other parts of the home. A small leak can cause a big probl... READ MORE

Storm Causes Water Damage - Bend, OR.

This storm took place in a Bend, Oregon home. The storm caused water damage in the dining room above a window. The owners of this home called SERVPRO of Salem W... READ MORE

Community Clean-Up - Salem, Oregon.

When others are in need SERVPRO is here to help. Along the Willamette River there was an area of land that was covered in garbage, tarp, cloths, electronics and... READ MORE

After Fire Services - Salem, Oregon.

Do’s and Don’ts Don’t attempt to wash any walls. Don’t attempt to clean carpet or upholstered furniture without first consulting a profe... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire Damage - Keizer, Oregon

A fire can quickly spread and before you know it, your kitchen is damaged. Flames from a fire can cause severe damage that is noticed immediately, but what abou... READ MORE

Microwave Fire Damage - Silverton, OR.

When microwaving food, remember to judge the time and not overheat. That is what happened in this Silverton, Oregon home. 

Stove Fire - Yachats, OR

A fire can quickly spread and before you know it, your kitchen is damaged. Flames from a fire can cause severe damage that is noticed immediately, but what abou... READ MORE

Commercial Building Fire - Dallas, OR

Did you know a high percentage of businesses that experience a fire or flood damage in Salem, Oregon and across the country never reopen? This commercial busine... READ MORE

Valuable Documents Suffer Fire Damage - Dallas, OR

SERVPRO of Salem West arrived to a scene shortly after a fire was put out at a Dallas, Oregon business. Our crew arrived and began carefully boxing documents th... READ MORE

A Loose Valve Fitting Can Damage Multiple Areas - Marion County, OR

A simple loose valve fitting for a bathroom water supply line can cause damage to multiple materials in your house. When damages do occur from such unfortunate ... READ MORE

Soot Covered Furniture Restoration - Marion County, OR

When clean-up begins after a fire SERVPRO is here to help. We took a metal file cabinet that was covered in soot residue and turned it back to preloss condition... READ MORE

Restaurant Seating Restored! - Marion County, OR

When your restaurant suffers from fire damage you might think that your business will be closed for a long period of time. SERVPRO of Salem West is just a call ... READ MORE

Fire Extinguisher Clean-Up - Marion County, OR

Quick response to extinguish a small fire that erupted left fire extinguisher residue in the laundry room of a commercial building. The owners of the building c... READ MORE

Kitchen Flooding - Silverton, Oregon

What to do when you experience water damage in your Silverton, Oregon home. When you experience a water damage in your home, take two steps immediately to mitig... READ MORE

Water Damage in a Utility Room - Lyons, Oregon

A leak from the washing machine supply line in this Lyons, Oregon home meant significant water damage. SERVPRO of Salem West can mitigate the losses and replace... READ MORE

Moldy Wall Discovered Behind Furniture - West Salem, OR

This house in West Salem, Oregon shows an example of how mold can grow in damp dark spaces, yes behind furniture. This mold growth occurred due to moisture in t... READ MORE

Vandalized Home Clean-Up - Silverton, OR

Vandalism caused grief to homeowners in Silverton, Oregon, but with a plan from SERVPRO of Salem West the homeowners are at ease. The step by step process, comm... READ MORE


Archived Before & After Photos